Activate provides 18 powerful sessions with 13 professors specializing in different areas of biblical apologetic training.

Abraham Hamilton III Photo
Abraham Hamilton III

AFA General Counsel

What exactly is “marriage”? Some people believe that two men can be married. Some say you can marry the Eiffel tower or a fence post! But what does the Bible teach? Hamilton III is a pastor, father of six, and host of The Hamilton Corner on AFR where he regularly challenges families to live counterculturally as shining lights in a dark world.

Bert Harper Photo
Bert Harper

AFA Director of Marriage and Family

When sin entered our world, the curse affected every aspect of our lives. God’s beautiful plan for humanity to thrive in family units was now marred by things such as the early death of a spouse, infidelity resulting in divorce, or infertility leaving couples childless. After studying God’s perfect plan for the family, it is also important to prepare believers to deal with the brokenness of our human condition. Pastor Bert Harper does so beautifully in this powerful session Reversing the Curse. He is the host of Exploring the Word on AFR and has spent countless hours counseling couples and families through difficult times.

Ed Vitagliano Photo
Ed Vitagliano

AFA Vice President

There is an ongoing battle to discredit the authority of God’s Holy Word and its proper place in our lives. We live in a culture that values “feelings” and “lived experiences” more than God’s eternal truth. Vitagliano’s first session, The War Against Biblical Authority, will equip students to begin building their worldview on a solid foundation. It’s an essential start to the entire Activate Curriculum.

But what should believers do when it comes to controversial topics like abortion or homosexuality? Should we shrink back and remain silent for fear of being seen as extreme? Vitagliano’s second session, A Case for Christian Activism, challenges believers to step out of their comfort zones and get involved in the world around them. Ed is the executive vice president of AFA and has been writing and teaching on these topics for several decades.

Jameson Taylor Photo
Jameson Taylor

AFA Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs

The monumental reversal of Roe v. Wade was a huge victory for the unborn! But that is just the beginning. Until abortion is illegal in every state, it’s time for every Bible-believing Christian to get involved politically. That means using your influence creatively and showing up when it matters. Taylor is a lobbyist and political activist. He led the effort to pass the Mississippi bill that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Joseph Parker Photo
Joseph Parker

AFA Director of Outreach and Intercession

Many Christians today are against abortion, but when it comes to actually doing something to protect the unborn, they don’t know where to start. Parker’s session is filled with practical and creative ways to get involved in the prolife movement. Parker is the host of Hour of Intercession on AFR and travels the country leading Festivals for Life to inspire believers to get involved in the prolife cause.

Meeke Addison Photo
Meeke Addison

Speaker, Author, Evangelist

Society would have you believe that your children are not your own; they belong to the community, and it is the community’s job to raise them. The Word of God, however, teaches that it is the job of parents to raise children. If that’s the case, how do we do this in a culture that believes that truth is relative, that drag queen story hour is educational, and that the Word of God is an antiquated book that has no place in our lives? Meeke is a public speaker and author. She and her husband Wil are  the hosts of  Culture Proof, a podcast committed to helping families hold firmly to the truth of God’s word in the midst of a hostile culture.

Peter Rosenberger Photo
Peter Rosenberger

Author and Host of Hope for the Caregiver

The Bible teaches that every human life is sacred and worth protecting. But what about those whose lives are filled with chronic pain, terminal suffering, or severe physical or mental impairment? Some claim that the compassionate thing to do is to help these individuals end their suffering through physician assisted suicide, or to have elective abortions so that those with disabilities will never be born in the first place. But what does Scripture teach about the role of suffering in our lives? Rosenberger teaches a biblical response to this topic and speaks from his own personal experience as a caregiver to his precious wife Gracie, who is a double amputee.

Rick Green Photo
Rick Green

Founder of Patriot Academy and AFR Host

Many in our country believe that “separation of church and state” means we must remove religious monuments and displays from public spaces. They want the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses and Bibles out of schools. Is this really what our Founding Fathers had in mind when America was formed? And what does God expect from us as biblical patriots?

Rick is a constitutional coach and public speaker for the Patriot Academy. He travels nationwide teaching the core values of religious liberty and how to defend them. He teaches one session on Patriotism and the Bible and another on Unpacking Religious Liberty.

Rob West Photo
Rob West

CEO of Kingdom Advisors and AFR Host of Faith and Finance

We live in the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen. Yet fear, confusion, and guilt related to finances are common at every income level. The key to financial freedom and contentment is to build finances on a biblical worldview. Rob West is the host of Money Wise on AFR.  Rob shares timeless wisdom from God’s Word and offers principles and practical help on making financial decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

Jeff & Debbie Schreve Photo
Jeff & Debbie Schreve

From His Heart Ministries

Society tells us that “gender roles” are just a man-made construction. The idea that men should be protectors and women nurturers is an antiquated, chauvinistic way of thinking. Yet the Bible is filled with passages specifically addressing men and women differently and clearly defining their roles within the marriage union. Are these biblical roles still meant for us today? Are they as restrictive as they seem? The Schreves have been married for over 35 years and have taught on this topic all over the country. Jeff is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Scott Klusendorf Photo
Scott Klusendorf

President of Life Training Institute

Klusendorf teaches three consecutive sessions to help simplify the abortion debate using arguments that resonate with unchurched people such as friends and coworkers. We’ll learn to defend the prolife view in one minute or less and how to answer common objections. Klusendorf travels throughout the United States and Canada training prolife advocates to persuasively defend their views in the public square.

Stephen McDowell Photo
Stephen McDowell

Co-founder and President of Providence Foundation

Many people today think “capitalism” is a dirty word. A growing number of Americans are embracing socialism, and others don’t even realize how this ideology is creeping into almost every aspect of their daily lives.  Many Christians even believe this ideology is biblical! After all, aren’t we supposed to care for the poor and share with those in need? But what does Scripture say? Is the desire to own private property, to be productive, and increase your wealth wrong? Stephen McDowell is founder of the Providence Foundation and author of Stewarding the Earth: A Biblical View of Economics.